Charles  B.  Pyke,  Ph.D.

Founder, Manager, Principal  Scientist, and  Expert  Witness  Meteorologist

Associated  Science  Experts,  LLC

Forensic Discovery & Expert  Witness  Testimony:  Meteorology, Environmental Science

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Principal Scientist,  Seasonal  Weather  Outlook  Specialist,  and  Primary  Expert  Witness

American  Weather & Earth  Sciences, LLC

Specialized  Weather  Forecasts, Seasonal & Multi-Seasonal  Weather Outlooks

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Founding Partner, President / Chief  Executive Officer, and Principal Scientist

Environmental   Science   &   Energy,   Inc.

Renewable Energy, Evapotranspiration, Soil / Water Quality, Certified HAZMAT Training

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Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., Meteorologist and Environmental Scientist, provides and offers a great variety of scientific services to such diverse clients as attorneys, film companies, roofers, insurance companies, wineries, the sports media, and the Government.

These are provided by:  (1) a scientific company owned by Dr. Pyke,  (2) a meteorological company to which Dr. Pyke is a Consultant, and (3) an environmental corporation in which Dr. Pyke is a Shareholder and CEO.  Dr. Pyke is the Principal Scientist of each of these companies. 

These scientific services and the companies that offer them are summarized below:

Associated Science Experts, LLC  1998 - .   (as Forensic Science Experts, LLC, 2015-2016) 

Founder, Owner, Member, Forensic Meteorologist, and Primary Expert Witness.  Providing and Offering:

Forensic discovery and expert witness testimony in civil litigation and criminal cases, including court trials and depositions. 

Black ice or dew on asphalt and any other surface, sun glare, blowing dust and sand, dew on grass, cement, or metal surfaces, dense fog, rain, wind, wind-driven rain, hail, snow, lightning, drought, extreme heat, freezes, and other weather elements -- contributing to slip and fall, vehicle accidents, personal injury, or death (including wrongful death), plus reservoir or river pollution, as well as property, crop, or livestock loss (including crop or livestock loss or water pollution from drift of improperly applied pesticides by wind, or by groundwater movement).    

Frequency analysis of rain, wind, snow, floods, and other meteorological and hydrologic elements. 

GIS (Geographic Information System) - capable data from a multi-petabyte (multi-million-gigabyte) environmental data base.  Expert data analysis and preparation of court trial exhibits. 

[For more details, go to]   Telephone  (888) 786-7696. 

American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC  (plus predecessor company names)  2004 - . 

Principal Scientist.  Forensic Meteorologist and Primary Expert Witness.  Multi-Seasonal Weather Outlook Specialist.  Providing:

Customized weather forecasts for film production, media events, roofing, construction, agriculture, wineries, and other applications. 

Seasonal, multi-seasonal, and multi-year weather outlooks. 

Specialized weather forecasts and long-range (from monthly to multi-year) computer-modeled weather outlooks to insurance companies and to major agriculture, environmental, mining, renewable energy, and seawater desalination projects, plus construction mega-projects around the world.

Meteorological, hydrometeorological, and climatic research and studies.

[For more details, go to]    Telephone  (800) 843-7246. 

Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.  2015 - .

Founding Partner, President / CEO, and Principal Scientist, plus Primary Expert Witness.  Offering (see especially Water Resources: Evapotranspiration).  Some of the services listed are not yet immediately available.

Environmental Services Division:

Environmental site assessments world-wide. 

Environmental impact statements and reports world-wide.  

Environmental feasibility studies world-wide.  

Environmental planning programs world-wide.

Latest technology scientific instruments, world-wide.

Climate change modeling world-wide.

Thermo-haline ocean circulation modeling, ocean-wide. 

Natural resources conservation programs world-wide.

Renewable Energy Division:

Site assessments in support of renewable energy projects.

Wind farm site evaluation world-wide. 

New technology, high-efficiency solar panels.

Auto-adjusting, sun-tracking solar panels,

Small-stream hydroelectric energy development world-wide. 

Ocean wave, ocean current, and tidal energy development world-wide.

Local high-efficiency wind turbines. 

Geothermal energy generation world-wide.

Biofuels and other innovative renewable energy technology.

Water Resources Division:

Evapotranspiration measuring, monitoring, modeling, projections, and studies world-wide for agriculture and water supply management

Melting and sublimation of snow and ice:  measuring, monitoring, modeling, projections, and studies world-wide. 

Water resources, water supply, water budget, and water reclamation management world-wide. 

Design, construction, and restoration of water reclamation plants around the world.

Stochastic watershed modeling world-wide.

Flood control and flood plain management world-wide.

Soil and water sampling for pollution by oil, mercury, sewage, toxic chemicals, trash, and other foreign substances.  

Soil and water sampling and testing for turbidity and algae.

Investigations into soil and water turbidity, algae, and pollution, world-wide. 

Desalination of ocean water and salty inland lake water, world-wide, including California and India.

Development of design storms for dams, spillways, levees, and river channels. 

Development of design floods for dams, spillways, levees, and river channels. 

Development of climatic normal and extreme rain and snow for reservoir design. 

Remote-reporting flood warning systems world-wide.

Remote-reporting environmental monitoring systems.

Environmental Data Division:  

GIS-capable environmental and geophysical data from a multi-petabyte (multi-million-gigabyte) data base.

Expert data analysis, mapping, interpolation, graphing, animation, and preparation of presentations and exhibits.

Expert Witness Division:  

Forensic discovery and expert witness testimony on environmental, energy, evapotranspiration, and water resources issues in trials / depositions / elsewhere. 

Preparation of Power Point exhibits for depositions, court trials, and other presentations.

Information and Education Division:  

Certified hazardous materials (HAZMAT) Training.

Training programs in soil and water quality sampling.

Training programs in evapotranspiration monitoring.

Online scientific seminars, classes, and courses.

Internet, DVD, and television science documentaries.

Public lectures and The Visiting Science Professor program.

Educational films, videos, manuals, CDs, and DVDs on scientific topics.

New latest technology science textbooks for the advanced student or for the general public. 

New latest technology laboratory manuals and scientific software.

Establishment of new environmental education programs and institutions world-wide.  

Research and Studies Division:

Research into the serious air and water pollution problems in China, India, and elsewhere.   

Research and studies into water supply, evapotranspiration, water management, and drought, plus desalination feasibility, world-wide.  

Frequency analysis of evaporation, evapotranspiration, and sublimation, world-wide.

Environmental sciences research & development and studies, world-wide.

Climate studies in support of environmental projects world-wide.

Green energy research & development and studies, world-wide.

Frequency analysis of rain, snowfall, snow depth, snow melt, wind, fog, dew, black ice, and other elements world-wide.  

Renewable energy studies: solar, hydropower, ocean wave, ocean current, tidal, wind, geothermal, biofuels, world-wide.

Research and studies in meteorology, climatology, geology, entomology, and other sciences, world-wide.

Research and studies in water resources, hydrology, and hydrologic engineering, world-wide.

Endangered species research and studies world-wide. 

[For more details on selected items, go to]   Telephone  (888) 786-7696. 


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